An apology to our readers regarding the latest issue

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

25 March 2018

Dear Imbibiverse,

We’ve seen that some of you are unhappy with our #metoo coverline. You may have noticed that we’ve recently been changing this part of our cover, often tying it in with things that are currently in the national conscience (the one around the General Election read ‘The strong and stable magazine for the on-trade’, for instance).

This latest was meant to be an ironic reappropriation of the line into a (we thought) harmless call for good drinking. But it looks like we made the wrong call.

We can only hold our hands up and say we’re really sorry. Please rest assured that it was not remotely intended as a criticism or denigration of the movement itself, and we feel truly terrible that it has been taken that way.

Our raison d’etre is to serve you, the on-trade, not only with educating, informative pieces, but by entertaining you too. We sometimes sail a bit close to the wind in the name of humour, and on this occasion we appear to have propelled ourselves straight into the Sirocco.

We are always keen to hear feedback from you in terms of ways we can improve or make the magazine more inclusive (something that we are always at great pains to do), so if you have any positive suggestions, we’re all ears. And please be assured that we’ve heard you loud and clear on this issue.

Yours remorsefully,

The Imbibe team

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