Ardbeg teaches bartenders the science of smoke in new on-trade programme

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

21 June 2019

Smoke is a beguiling flavour, but one that’s particularly difficult to work with when it comes to making cocktails. It’s with this in mind that Ardbeg, the peaty Islay whisky, has decided to launch Masters of Smoke, a new programme to help unlock the science of smoke for on-trade professionals.

Intrigued bartenders can register their interest in the link below, and once applicants are accepted onto the programme, they’ll receive insights from experts across different disciplines, from barley maltmasters to barbecue chefs, to allow them to really explore the different nuances of smoke. It may even involve a trip to the Ardbeg distillery on Islay.

‘Whisky lovers have long appreciated the peaty power of Ardbeg, but we think there’s an opportunity to further explore the intricacies of smoke as a flavour,’ said Ardbeg education and advocacy director Ludo Durocq.

‘Through Masters of Smoke, we hope to spread the word and delicious possibilities of smoke through rich, in-depth training which is really rooted in science. From Port Ellen to Portland we want to unleash the power and potential of smoke in the on-trade, working with bartenders worldwide to lead a glorious smoky revolution.’

To register your interest, go to

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