Artesian launches new menu: Cause, Effect & Classic Cocktails

14 December 2017

After months (and months) of change, development, and the introduction of a shiny new bar team, Artesian at The Langham has launched its new menu.

The Cause, Effect & Classic Cocktail menu is billed as a collaboration between new bar manager Anna Sebastian and head bartender Remy Savage, who both joined in November. It's said to be packed with the world's best known drinks, as well as some reinvented 'serves from the past'.

The menu takes an in-depth look at each recipe and aspect of cocktails, deconstructing classics in a process-heavy manner. Sebastian and Savage looked closely at each classic recipe, and experimented with techniques and ingredients, before producing a selection of multi-layered cocktails.

LR: The Artesian's Mizuwari, Corpse Reviver No. 1 and the classic Vodka Martini
LR: The Artesian's Mizuwari, Corpse Reviver No. 1 and the classic Vodka Martini

For example, the reinvented Screwdriver forgoes vodka in favour of Kappa Pisco, and includes three different types of orange juices, which are centrifuged, slow-juiced and hand-squeezed.

Other cocktails include the Espresso Martini, which uses coffee beans at different stages – an unroasted coffee syrup, a medium roast and a carbonated-heavy roast cold brew. The Corpse Reviver No. 1 features 2010 vintage Barolo wine, Christian Drouin Calvados and Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac.

'Cocktails from the past' include the Japanese Cocktail, a recipe dating back to 1862 using Brontë pistachios as opposed to orgeat syrup.

Design-wise, the menu is said to be 'satisfyingly heavy and tactile', featuring a series of drawings that represent the flavour notes within each cocktail. Illustrations build, page by page, into a complex and detailed image that 'evokes Art Nouveau floral motifs'.

The 14-strong menu is priced from £17-£22.


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