Asahi UK unveils re-launched Super Dry in 'authentic form'

15 January 2018

After teasing us with the news in October, Asahi UK has announced it's bolstering its beer offering with the UK re-launch of Asahi Super Dry in ‘its authentic form’.

In a European first, the Japanese shared their brewing standards with Asahi Europe, as opposed to Shepherd Neame doing the honours under contract.

Promising an ‘authentic taste’ of Asahi Super Dry to British consumers, the new brew will have the ‘same perfect serve and taste as one in Tokyo’ thanks to ‘hi-tech’ Japanese bar tap technology.

First produced in 1987, Asahi Super Dry had a dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish that would ‘cleanse the palate and complement any type of food’.

Brewed with Asahi yeast, hops, barley and rice, Super Dry is supposed to cleanse the palate after drinking.

‘When Asahi Super Dry was originally introduced in Japan, it brought an entirely new genre of beer to the country that has now gone on to become its number one-selling beer,’ Tim Clay, managing director of Asahi UK, said.

‘Its unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as Karakuchi, has undoubtedly been fundamental to this beer’s success. It was incredibly important for us to ensure we brought that same authentic taste to the UK market, therefore significant investment and comprehensive taste testing have taken place in collaboration with our Japanese colleagues.’

Our beer and cider expert, Susanna Forbes has yet to get her mitts (or should it be lips) on the variant, but we’ll be putting these claims to the test any day now.

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