Australian gin West Winds unveils 63% Captain's Cut

22 October 2015

Let it never be said that Australians mess around when it comes to, well, anything. Thanks to Bohemian Brands in the UK we now have access to Aussie gin brand West Winds and its latest, borderline-insane Captain’s Cut gin, released in time for World Maritime Day in September.

Embrace any stereotypes you might think of for this fourth addition to the range, a no-holds-barred 63% abv gin. In West Winds’ own words, this was created ‘not only with a strong arm and firm hand, but as another tip of the hat to the brave and bold seafaring types who ventured across oceans on their search for the spices and exotica of the New World’. It follows The Broadside Navy Strength (58% abv), launched last year.

Batten the hatches, or whatever it is you do when you’re in the Indian Ocean and some heavy weather comes your way...

Edited on 23 October to refer to the correct ocean.

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