Bacardi launches new 'premium' dark rum Bacardi Cuatro

04 April 2018

We're well on our way to British Summertime (supposedly), and with that we're dreaming of sun, rum and all things tiki... even more than usual.

Whetting our appetite is Añejo Cuatro, a new premium barrel-aged dark rum from Bacardi. Aged for a minimum of four years under the Caribbean skies, it aims to change Bacardi drinkers' perceptions of rum as predominantly a base for tropical drinks.

The rum is what we'd call 'accessibly premium', a step up for drinkers of Bacardi's stalwart white rum. Coming in at a higher price point, the rum offers a more complex flavour profile and ageing process.

'The future of rum is bright, and we are excited to introduce an accessible entry point to premium rums with Bacardi Cuatro,' said Sarah Doyle, European vice president for Bacardi rum.

'As people become more adventurous and aware of what they drink, we think now is the perfect time to spark conversation about the versatility and enjoyability of the Bacardi rum portfolio among a new generation of drinkers.'

We have yet to try it, but word from Bacardi is it has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey.

40%, £25/70cl, Bacardi Martini 

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