Barbican Botanics launches British Spiced Rum



20 February 2020

The team behind the Little Gin Box and Barbican Botanics Gin has launched what they claim is Plymouth’s first rum.

Barbican Botanics Spiced Rum is fermented and distilled in the South West of England, in small batches. The British rum is made by fermenting South American sugar molasses using British yeast, before adding fig, orange zest, nutmeg, ginger, cassia, clove and allspice berries, before the final addition of American charred oak for smokiness.

Suggested serves include over ice as a sipping rum, paired with cola and a slice of orange, or with fiery ginger ale and lime.

The rum will be on show at this year’s Imbibe Live at Olympia, which takes place from 29-30 June.

RRP £29/50cl, The Little Gin Box

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