Bartend Against Bombs launch #boomerangnotbombs project

24 August 2017

The bartender-led charity initiative Bartend Against Bombs behind #jaronmybar is back with another fund-raising project for Warchild UK.

With the latest, #boomerangnotbombs, the idea goes global, linking bars around the world, with bartenders in England, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Belgium and more already signed up.

Participating bars will all be making the same soon-to-be-announced drink, posting videos online, and raising money via a Justgiving page, either through direct donations or by contributing profits from sales of the drink for a night.

Bartend Against Bombs was set up by Chester bartender Calum Adams, with the aim of raising money for Warchild UK. The #jaronmybar initiative asks bar and restaurant teams to donate what they can from their tips, and there are other local initiatives too. Together, they’ve raised nearly £20,000 so far.

'I started two years ago after watching the conflict in Syria unfold and the humanitarian crisis worsen,' explained Adams.

'I’m not a doctor or lawyer. I can’t build bridges or shields. But I can make a pretty good drink! And there are plenty of people out there just like me, who want to help but maybe don’t know how. So with the help of a good friend, Ben, we made a project that meant people in hospitality could help how they know best, by giving the best service they can, and passing on the reward for their work.’

Contact Bartenders Against Bombs to get involved in this latest initiative, or in the #jaronmybar project in November.

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