Bartenders Berg, Kratena and Caporale launch premium liqueur range

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

24 January 2019

Bartending giants and P(our) co-founders Monica Berg, Alex Kratena and Simone Caporale have unveiled their latest project, a new premium liqueur brand called Muyu.

The brand’s range is comprised of three liqueurs: Jasmine Verte, Chinotto Nero and Vetiver Gris. Each was developed by one of the three bartenders to capture his or her bartending style, and was inspired by the process of perfume-making.

To craft the liquids, the bartenders worked with the team from De Kuyper Royal Dutch Distillers, as well as a group of experts from the French town of Grasse, known as 'the perfume capital of the world'.

The development of each expression started with a single flavour – jasmine, chinotto and vetiver, respectively. Then, more notes were layered on top of this base through methods such as steam distillation, CO2 extraction and enfleurage.

Berg created Jasmine Verte, which marries jasmine with neroli, patchouli, yuzu and iris.

'Jasmine is the heart [of the flavour], but "verte" symbolises the feeling I’m going for: floral, blooming, fresh, sensual and luminous,' Berg told Imbibe. 'I always try to find balance in everything I do, so it has quite a low sugar content, and I added some acidity as well.'

Meanwhile, Caporale developed Chinotto Nero, combining chinotto with cinchona, oak moss, curacao orange and cacao, and Kratena lent his personality to Vetiver Gris, a blend of vetiver, timur, patchouli, petit grains and cedarwood.

The project was also influenced by the trio’s travels in the Amazon – ‘muyu’ means ‘seed’ in the indigenous language of Quechua, and the bottles’ colourful, tropical designs recall the plants of the rainforest. A portion of the proceeds from Muyu’s sales will be given to charities supporting the Amazon.

‘We first visited the Amazon in 2016 to explore the potential of Amazonian produce in cocktails,’ Berg explained. ‘We were so inspired by what we saw, but also realised we would contribute to the rainforest’s destruction if we sourced directly from there.

‘Therefore we collaborate with leading experts to help us source, concentrate and capture aromatic substances of plants, flowers and fruits. This process allows us to create a liqueur brand that enables bartenders to work with some of the most extraordinary ingredients available in the world, without taking anything away from the rainforest.’

Muyu will be available from 19 February through Cellar Trends, and at a dedicated pop-up boutique at 67 Neal Street from 19 to 23 February.

24% abv, Muyu Jasmine Verte and Muyu Chinotto Nero; 22% abv, Muyu Vetiver Gris; RRP £24.95/50cl, Cellar Trends

The launch of Muyu comes as Kratena and Berg prepare for the opening of their venue Tayēr + Elementary this spring. Read more about the forthcoming space here

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