Beer fans turned to local brewers and more premium brews during lockdown

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

22 July 2020

A new survey also found that while ‘beer enthusiasts’ have been drinking more frequently the volume of beer consumed has remained the same

The study was carried out by research firm KAM Media and craft beer festival Brew//LDN, questioning 2,364 beer enthusiasts – defined as ‘those who regularly consume beer and enjoy beer as a hobby as well as just a drink’.

The results indicate that during lockdown the respondents have been drinking beer more frequently, sourcing beer from different channels, broadening their repertoire of beers and embracing new drinking occasions online (Zoom quiz nights and the like).

The study also suggests that a higher proportion of ‘beer enthusiasts’ are now drinking nearly daily; only 5% said they drank more than six days a week pre-lockdown, whereas this figure has now risen to 19%. Despite this, the actual number of beers being consumed has remained stable overall with many only drinking one or two beers a day.

Other key findings show good news for small brewers, with 46% of respondents buying beer direct from a brewer for the first time during lockdown and 87% planning to continue to do so. The study also found that there is significant support for local breweries with 79% of respondents suggesting they are much more interested in supporting them since lockdown began.

Some 57% also said they are now more interested in searching out unique beers than they were pre-lockdown and 47% said they’ve been seeking out more premium options.

Daniel Rowntree, co-founder of Brew//LDN said: ‘A new breed of beer enthusiast is emerging from lockdown. The challenge for brands and breweries is to ensure that they remain relevant to the customer across all elements of this mix, from traditional occasions in the pubs and tap rooms, to "at-home" occasions, "Zoom nights" to drinks in the park and more.’

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