Belsazar to enter no-abv category with Non-Alcoholic Rosé Vermouth

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

07 October 2019

Diageo-owned brand Belsazar is set to launch a non-alcoholic version of its Rosé Vermouth.

To make the new expression, the alcohol is removed from a Pinot Noir base through vacuum distillation, which is then blended with a syrup-like infusion of berries.

‘Most non-alcoholic products are sugar-free, but we think sugar can be a good thing here,’ Belsazar co-founder Sebastian Brack told Imbibe. ‘You need it for flavour and mouthfeel.’

In our tasting, we found the liquid to have a playful, fruity nose, with juicy red-berry notes on the palate and a relatively weighty texture that we rarely find in the non-alcoholic category.

Brack and his team have been sampling the new expression at Bar Convent Berlin (BCB). However, if you’re not around BCB to get a taste of the stuff, you’ll have to practice a bit of patience – it’s set to launch early next year.

And keep an eye out for more non-alcoholic vermouths from Belsazar down the line: Brack revealed that the brand has plans to develop no-abv versions of the Red, Dry and White expressions as well.

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