Bibendum PLB profiles consumer habits

Gaëlle Laforest

02 December 2015

The marketing insight team at the Bibendum PLB group has created a series of consumer portraits profiling their drinking habits and what matters to each group.

Eight categories were identified, using demographic data from market analysis company CACI, YouGov research and in-house consumption analysis. They incorporate data such as age, household income, marital status and home location; along with alcohol spend, and people's preference both in the on- and off-trade.

The eight portraits are moneyed minority, urban professionals, new nesters, mature foodies, traditional communities, suburban families, big weekenders and stretched spenders.

For instance, the 10% of the UK population that correspond to the new nester category are young families aged 25-45. Wine is the drink of choice for almost half of them, and 29% of them call Pinot Grigio their favourite. Meanwhile stretched spenders, who often live near old industrial cities, aren't regular wine drinkers – but when they do, 90% are happy with Chardonnay. There is more information about the categories in the image below.

These portraits can now be used by Bibendum PLB along with further analysis to create a detailed overview of each category's drinking preferences. The drinks merchant then plans to use this to better target its consumers.

Alex Linsley, head of market insights for the Bibendum PLB Group, called this 'an invaluable tool that will help us advise our customers on how to make their drinks range relevant and exciting for their consumers'. He added that the portraits would be updated regularly as data and trends evolve.

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