We need to rethink how beer is presented to women, study confirms

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

07 May 2019

Women and beer interest group Dea Latis has released the findings of a study into female attitudes and behaviours towards beer.

The study, called The Beer Agender, was funded by a grant from the Brewing and Education Fund, and reveals that many women are reluctant to drink beer as its image is associated with bloating, large-sized glassware and issues of sexism.

‘This year’s report illustrated that many women in this country still have some ingrained deep-seated beliefs and perceptions about beer. And many of these are not positive,’ commented Annabel Smith, Dea Latis director and co-author of the report.

‘Women don’t want a beer made for women. Women just want the beer and pub industry to look at things from their perspective, and reconsider how beer is presented and positioned to them.’

The study highlighted that currently only 17% of women drink beer on a regular basis. It urged the beer industry to take into account its findings to help the beer scene grow and develop by appealing to more female consumers.

‘Many factors, long suspected in the complicated relationship between women and beer, specifically in the UK, have been confirmed with this thorough research,’ commented Jaega Wise, head brewer at Wild Card in Walthamstow, London. ‘There is a huge amount of work for the beer industry to do to overcome outdated stereotypes facilitated by decades of damaging advertising.’

The Beer Agender follows The Gender Pint Gap, research published last year in conjunction with YouGov. The full Beer Agender report is available to download here.

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