Bombay Sapphire launches Glasshouse project

12 September 2016

Bombay Sapphire has taken a different approach to bartender engagement with the start of its Glasshouse project. A new bartender initiative, Glasshouse opened with a three day workshop last week, gathering 12 of the world's best bartenders together with creative people from other industries, including cuisine, design and technology.

The workshop, led by Sager & Wilde's Marcis Dzelzainis, was the first step in the three stage project, followed by bartenders implementing what they've learnt in their bars, culminating at a gallery-style exhibition at Laverstoke Mill Distillery.

'We wanted to offer something to the best bartenders in our trade that was different to other brands, but that wasn't a competition,' said Julian Davies, global marketing manager at Bombay Sapphire. 'We didn't want to shove the brand down their throats. These guys are at the top of their game, so what more can we teach them? We wanted to make it more interesting, offering inspiration and new ideas.'

Following the workshops - that included immersive theatre, quirky food pairings (caviar and white chocolate, for example), and tips like sweetening tonic water with salt - the bartenders will work closely with the brand's ambassadors, and also helping with Bombay Sapphire trade events.

Details on the exhibition are still being finalised, with Davies expecting bartenders to implement what they've learnt in their bars in the next couple of months. The Glasshouse project will also be running an event at this year's London Cocktail Week – hosted by Dan Berger.

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