Borough Wines and Beers launch low-alcohol range

24 November 2017

It's slowly becoming the norm to have a good range of low and no-alcoholic staples, and Borough Wines and Beers is doing just that with its new campaign to bring unusual, low sugar and lower abv drinks to its portfolio of nine shops and website.

One of these developments is a 0% abv gin, part of its Distillers Development Series with Surendran & Bownes, the
first distillers to join the programme.

Borough will also become the exclusive supplier of two quirky non-alcoholic drinks, Lurvills Delight and Nonsuch Shrubs.

Lurvills Delight’s range of botanical sodas are inspired by an original recipe created in the Welsh town of Rhonnda in 1896 by twins Harold and Iolo Lewis, that included stinging nettles and dock leaves and was infused with juniper berry extract. The drink have been revamped and now include the original flavour, as well as Lavender Spice, with a uniquely spicy kick and very aromatic flavour.

Nonsuch Shrubs is a collection of fruitful, herbaceous, infused vinegars. A lightly sparkling blend of fruit juice, sparkling spring water and cyder vinegar with no added sugar. Flavours include: Peach & Basil, Sour Cherry & Garden Mint and Blackcurrant & Juniper.

'I am really excited by the influx of low and no alcoholic drinks to the market and pleasantly surprised by the quality of them too,' gushed Corinna Pyke, marketing director of Borough Wines & Beers on the new portfolio. 'I wanted to create a range of drinks with the same care and consideration that we give to selecting the wines and beers that we stock.

'My main focus has been curating a selection of drinks with low added sugar and even though they have no alcohol in them have the complexities of flavour that is found in good quality wine. Our motto is "Drink Better" and we are very excited to be bringing a new drinking experience to our customers.'


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