Borrago launches non-alcoholic spirit #47 Paloma

16 January 2018

It's all go in the exciting up-and-coming category of non-alcoholic spirits, with Borrago adding its #47 Paloma Blend into the mix.

The baby of chef Tom Tuke-Hastings is the latest addition to the adult soft drinks market, and is alcohol, sugar and calorie-free. Made from six individually steam-distilled botanicals – including citrus, spice and pepper, cardamon and rosemary – that are then blended together, #47 Paloma Blend is fresh, zesty and complex.

While the botanical blend is designed to be paired with tonic, lime and mint, or as a base for cocktails, we'd recommend it with a splash of soda water and slice of lime.

'I decided to start Borrago because I have a love of food, drink and entertaining,' said creator Tuke-Hastings. 'With alcohol being a declining part of this, I struggled to find exciting grown up non-alcoholic options and wanted to create something that would be delicious, grown up and worth celebrating with.

'Non-alcoholic drinks choices have previously been seen as childish, sugar laden and downmarket. I set out to create something sophisticated, that you can celebrate and even show off with. Where you can have the theatre of a cocktail without the alcohol, sugar or calories'

It's an ever-changing time for the non-alcoholic spirits category, with it being announced that Belvedere's former head of spirit creation, Claire Smith-Warner, has joined the team at Seedlip.

It begs the question: Who will be next?



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