Botanic Lab offers functional mixer alternatives

Micah Jodhan

07 April 2016

Botanic Lab is targeting the top-end on trade with its health conscious, cold-pressed soft-drinks.

The company's range consists of raw and organic drinks such as plant milks, botanic raw juices and tonics. Instead of the heat treatments used with many juices as part of the pasteurisation process, Botanic Lab utilises a hydraulic press to extract its juices. Each sealed bottle is then subjected to high pressure while being immersed in cold water.

We tried a few for ourselves at Imbibe HQ this week. Notes of ginger and grapefruit in the Amelia Freer made us think of matches with gin, while the lemon, yuzu, salt and charcoal infusion Isotonic worked nicely with mezcal - even if the near-opaque grey appearance might take a bit of getting used to. Overall, they make good mixers, and offer a way of providing a premium drinking experience for your more health conscious customers.

The team at Heddon Street Kitchen has already picked up on this, adding a 'Conscious Cocktails' section to their menu, including a spin on a Bloody Mary with Botanic's turmeric-heavy Tonic 2, showcasing its subtle chilli aftertaste.

Botanic has paired up with fellow health-conscious brand Belvedere Vodka. Talking about the partnership in the past, Belvedere's Claire Smith Warner said: 'These juices can upgrade your drinking experience away from any mainstream mixers which are often full of hidden additives.'

Sold in boxes of eight, fourteen or twenty, Botanic Lab presses its juices and tonics in London.

For the full range of Botanic Lab's products, click here. RRP £4-£6 per bottle.

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