Bouchon launches wild País wine

Gaëlle Laforest

02 September 2015

Bouchon Family Wines launches a new wine this month, País Salvaje, made from wild País grapes.

The fruit are called wild as they've not been grown on cultured vines, but rather on the trees of Bouchon's Mingre estate in the Chilean Maule Valley. The vines are found as far up as 5m, and grow away from the main vineyard and free from any interaction with mankind. Bouchon says this natural growth gives the wines a concentration of colour and tanning that's not usually found in País grapes.

The wine is made naturally, fermented with natural yeasts, with no oak ageing.

Julio Bouchon Jr said: 'Over the past years we have been trying to convey an expression of our terroir and sense of place. We have been looking and studying our parcels to find the best vineyard possible and finally we came up with the idea of making wine from these as yet untouched grapes. It is an honest wine that revives the flavours of Chile’s past.'

The wine will be available in the UK subject to demand, via Bancroft Wines, 020 7232 5470.

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