Breaking: London to move to Tier 2 Covid measures on Saturday

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

15 October 2020

Under Tier 2 restrictions households are banned from mixing in pubs, bars and restaurants.

‘We've got a difficult winter ahead,’ London Mayor Sadiq Khan said.

The BBC is reporting that Khan said that there was 'simply no other option' and that ‘nobody wants to see more restrictions but this is deemed to be necessary in order to protect Londoners.’

There has been no new information on financial assistance or compensation for businesses and employees affected.

Under Tier 2 measures London will move to ‘high alert’ with no mixing of households indoors, though the rule of six still applies outside. Hospitality venues will remain open with restrictions including the 10pm curfew and can offer table service only.

Essex, Elmbridge in Surrey, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Erewash, Chesterfield, York and Barrow are also moving to Tier 2.

It was expected that Greater Manchester and Lancashire would be moved to Tier 3 'very high' restrictions but at the moment Liverpool remains the only region in the UK subject to the 'very high' measures. Under this tier pubs and bars  have to close except where they are operating as a restaurant under the Tier 3 ‘very high’ restrictions and overnight stays either in the same area or another area of the UK under the same or different measures in place are ‘not advised.’

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