BREAKING: Prime Minister announces three-tier Covid approach and what it means for hospitality

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

12 October 2020

Local areas will be put into one of three tiers of danger (medium, high and very high) with Liverpool's allocation of the latter meaning pubs and bars will close from Wednesday

The announcement comes in the wake of the nationwide 10pm curfew for the hospitality industry and the closing down of hospitality businesses in central Scotland.

But despite Boris Johnson claiming that the R rate is down, hospital admissions are on the rise.

'I take no pleasure in imposing restrictions on these business...,' he commented about the actions taken against hospitality businesses, 'nor do I want to stop people enjoying themselves, but we must act to save lives and the evidence shows that in changing our behaviour... our actions are saving lives.'

The new three-tier system will result in local lockdowns as opposed to a national lockdown, as was experienced in March.

The system is as follows:

  • Medium: This covers most of the country and consists of the current national measures for hospitality (the rule of six and the 10pm curfew).
  • High: This reflects interventions to reduce household-to-household transmission, with the rule of six applying outdoors as well.
  • Very high: This applies to areas where transmission rates are rising most rapidly. This will result in pubs and bars being forced to close. The first area to put in this tier is Liverpool, which will see bars and pubs close from Wednesday (14 October).

In each area, the government is said to be planning on working with local government leaders, which could lead to further restrictions on hospitality, entertainment, leisure sectors to the ones outlined above, but retail, schools and universities will remain open.

For those businesses forced to close, the government will expand support through the extension to the furlough scheme which was announced on 9 October.

Measures for each area will be constantly reviewed.

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