BrewDog brings one of the US' fastest growing craft beers to the UK

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

17 September 2018

First, BrewDog brought its beers to the US; now the controversial Scottish brewer is bringing US beers to the UK. This autumn, BrewDog is playing host to the beers of American craft brewery Scofflaw.

In late September and early October, BrewDog will be stocking Scofflaw’s Basement IPA and Passionfruit, Orange and Guava (POG) beers in all 36 of its UK locations with guest taps. The Scofflaw team of self-described ‘redneck hooligans’ will also be touring several UK BrewDog locations during this time, bringing along their Double POG IPA and Barrel Aged Stout for punters to try.

Scofflaw BrewDog Bar Tour

Saturday, 29 September  – BrewDog Shoreditch
Sunday, September 30 – BrewDog Soho
Monday, October 1 – BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush
Tuesday, October 2 – BrewDog Outpost Tower Hill
Thursday, October 4 – BrewDog Manchester
Saturday, October 6 – BrewDog Leeds


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Scofflaw started in 2015 as a home brewing operation out of co-founder Matt Shirah’s mother-in-law’s basement. The company expanded to a full-fledged brewery two years later.

After collaborating on a beer and an episode for the BrewDog’s newly launched TV platform, Shirah and BrewDog CEO James Watt decided to introduce the American beers to Europe.

‘I think folks will find that the product is remarkably different [to beers already available in the UK] and that the flavour pattern is unique,’ commented Shirah. ‘This is based on our processes and the ingredients we select.’

‘From a boring old business perspective, we are curious to see how the beer is received.

‘Is this a viable opportunity to give people something that they do not know they want? Are there any potential partners with similar values that might want to work with us long-term? We are searching for these answers.’

The Scofflaw BrewDog tour kicks off on 29 September at BrewDog Shoreditch.

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