BrewDog officially launches its LoneWolf spirits

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

27 April 2017

BrewDog officially launches its new craft distillery LoneWolf today and has released some new details about its debut spirits, and accompanying mixers.

The company says the Aberdeenshire distillery features the world’s only ‘triple-bubble’ still and an 18-metre-tall rectification column, the tallest in Europe.

In development for two years, the distillation equipment was conceived by head distiller, Steven Kersley, in collaboration with German engineering company, Arnold Holstein. The resulting distillery is intended to be ‘the most versatile distillery in the UK’.

Launch products include LoneWolf Vodka which is distilled four times, and lightly filtered once, to retain the grain character. LoneWolf Gin is unfiltered, again to retain its flavour and spirit complexity. Whiskies and other products will follow in the future.

Steven Kersley, LoneWolf's head distiller said: 'For too long consumers have been told that vodka that has been filtered multiple times is a sign of quality. Filtering is not distilling, it’s just a lazy way of making a characterless spirit. Also, clarity of gin when poured over ice is not an indicator of quality. We know that the norm is to maintain clarity at all costs, but that’s purely for aesthetic reasons and we’re not prepared to compromise on flavour, ever.'

LoneWolf is also to release its own line of tonic and soda specifically formulated to be paired with its drinks. The tonic includes pink grapefruit to lift the gin’s citrus notes, while the LoneWolf Mint Soda, is to be paired with its vodka.

Doug Bairner, LoneWolf managing director said: 'When three-quarters of the most popular pour for gin and vodka is made up of tonic, we can’t understand why no other spirits brands have developed dedicated mixers. Our mixers accentuate the unique flavour profile of our spirits – allowing us another dimension of control to deliver the best possible drinking experience.

'It is commonplace for spirit brands to bulk-buy their base alcohol from a supplier and re-distill with their own botanicals. We are custodians of our liquid at every stage of its creation and believe that our exacting processes give the best possible spirit.

'Our new purpose-built facility takes craft distillation to new levels. The huge amount of copper contact that our stills and columns give to our spirit delivers unparalleled quality.'

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