Brits expecting precautionary measures when pubs reopen

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

27 May 2020

Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland (BBG) has released figures regarding what consumers are expecting of their local based on a recent poll of 2,373 pub-goers

93% of Brits are keen to get back to their pub when it reopens, the UK arm of AB InBev found, while over a third (35%) are intending to visit within a week of them reopening.

However, these numbers are dependent on pubs taking numerous precautions to ensure customer safety amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Hygiene is of paramount importance, with 66% more likely to visit if hand sanitiser is readily available, while 25% will avoid using public toilets. 40% also claim that they are more likely to visit if staff wear face masks, with 36% in favour of screens being installed at the bar.

BBG also highlighted five key themes around how the on-trade sector may have to change, based on consumer attitudes:

  1. Peak times: 54% plan on avoiding pubs at peak times, meaning venues will need to rethink their offering outside of evenings and weekends.

  2. Skipping the queue: 55% will welcome a switch to table service, meaning queuing and gathering at the bar may be a thing of the past.

  3. Spatial awareness: 56% wish to sit two metres from strangers, with 25% also wishing to sit the same distance from friends.

  4. One in, one out: 51% back a limit to the number of patrons allowed into a pub at one time.

  5. Think local: 49% are more likely to visit venues sourcing food and drink from local suppliers, and 52% keen to see performances from local entertainment acts.

Thankfully, the quality of pubs’ core offering will still be important. When asked what they miss most about going to the pub, 64% claimed to miss pub food the most, and 33% miss a ‘perfectly poured pint’.

Support for the industry as a whole is strong with 25% saying they'd visit a pub they'd never been to before, and spend will be around £27 – 18% say they will also treat themselves to a more expensive drink.

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