Burgundy wine board launches Bourgogne Wines Club

Richard Woodard

04 January 2016

Sommeliers are being invited to join the new Bourgogne Wines Club – four free sessions on the region’s wines hosted by sommelier Xavier Rousset MS.

Organised by the BIVB (Bourgogne Wines Board), the aim of the club is to work with UK sommeliers to improve their knowledge of the region’s wines, with sessions focused on Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Chablis Premier Cru and the ‘ladder’ of Burgundy wines.

Around 20 wines will be tasted blind in each session, and participants will be given the chance to enter a competition to win a trip to Burgundy at the end of the year.

‘The club will be a fun and interactive way to bring like-minded sommeliers together to share their thoughts and opinions about the wines,’ said Rousset. ‘I am looking forward to some of the blind tasting flights – watch out, there may be some surprises!’

François Labet, president of the Marketing & Communication Commission for the BIVB, added: 'Sommeliers are important influencers in the wine world and we want to get to know them better and in a personal manner. Bourgogne will focus on two key messages: the two flagship wine grape varieties and [the region's] 100 appellations.'

Session one, 'Chardonnay from Bourgogne– the real deal', takes place on 15 February in central London. It will feature whites from a range or 'climats' (plots of land with specific geological and climatic conditions), with classics such as Meursault and Chablis, along with rising stars like Pouilly-Vinzelles and Saint-Romain.

The following sessions are called 'Pinot Noir from Bourgogne – back to the roots of a fashion victim', 'Chablis Premier Cru – are you a Leftie or a Rightie?' and 'Scaling the Bourgogne wines ladder – how many steps to the top?'

Sommeliers interested in any of the sessions should email chris.skyrme@sopexa.com.

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