Camden Council urged not to introduce late night levy

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

15 January 2016

Camden Council must show consistency and common sense when it votes on the introduction of a late night levy in Camden later this month, the ALMR has said.

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers has written to Camden Council urging it to not introduce the measure. It is also encouraging its members to speak with the Council to make their objections known.

Late night levies were introduced by the Home Office to divert the cost of ‘problems’ caused by the late night economy away from taxpayers, and directly to businesses that sell alcohol between midnight and 6am. Camden has over 1,600 alcohol licensed premises, of which 289 are licensed to supply alcohol after midnight. The levy will apply to all businesses licenses selling alcohol between those hours, even if the full licensable hours are not used, and will cost up to £4,400.

The decision to introduce the levy from 25 April is set to be ratified on 25 January.

ALMR chief executive Kate Nicholls said: 'Camden Council’s approach to the levy has been frustrating and, despite delays and a potentially invalid consultation, we find ourselves in the testing position of facing down another potentially disastrous levy. The ALMR has vigorously lobbied against the introduction of a levy in the area and has highlighted to the Council the negative impact such a measure would have, as well as the alternatives that are available.'

Nicholls added that the ALMR would be corresponding with the Council to remind it that late night venues in the area already contribute through taxation, and 'carry out vital voluntary work to ensure safe, well-run nightspots'.

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