Camus to release double-matured Cognac that underwent 'sea maturation'

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

22 July 2020

Cognac producer Camus is set to unveil Caribbean Expedition, a special double-matured release that travelled by tall ship between France and the Caribbean

The new expression was made to with the aim to ‘explore the opportunities guaranteed by sea maturation’.

The Cognac was first matured in Camus' cellars; 10 sealed 350-litre casks were then loaded on the De Gallant, a classic tall ship.

The ship then sailed the transatlantic route which leads to Barbados, a trip that was made possible through a partnership with TOWT, a French Company that specialises on traditional maritime transportation by wind propulsion.

The Cognac left the French port of La Rochelle and arrived in Bridgetown after a journey of 45 days. There, the barrels were handed to Foursquare master distiller Richard Seale, to undergo a further year of tropical-climate maturation.

To assess the effect of the ‘sea maturation’ and tropical-climate maturation on the spirit, a cask of the same Cognac was stored in Camus’ cellars for the entire length of the experiment for comparison.

The distillery says that the comparative analysis of the two liquids (see picture below) shows a ‘significant contribution of the wood tannins, which give greater structure and complexity compared to an equal maturation in continental climate.

‘The aromatic components represented by esters have also undergone a much greater increase compared to the liquid matured in Europe, with fruity and spicy notes having a higher impact on the palate’.

Overall, the company says that the Caribbean Expedition Cognac showed a more significant aromatic evolution, claiming that ‘the array of flavors obtained through this process represents an exclusive primacy in the history of Cognac’.

Camus describes the Cognac as having ‘intense primary aromas of banana and pear. Spicy accents of cocoa bean and nutmeg, anticipating the typical rancio notes’. The palate is said to be ‘explosive’, yet round and elegant, with great aromatic depth, notes of exotic fruits and soft tannins.

Camus Caribbean Expedition, 45.3%, is currently available for pre-order on only (shipments from 1 September), at an RRP of €109/700ml. The product will be rolled out on other channels after 27 September.

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