Cannabis-infused Canna Wine offers drinkers 'instant relaxation'

Harry Crowther

15 May 2019

Who hasn’t partaken in a little wacky baccy at some point in their life? A bit of Mary Jane? Puffed the magic dragon…?  

Well, now you can add ‘drunk over ice’ or ‘sipped with steak’ to the consumption options.

Attitudes towards cannabis have changed across much of the western world in recent years, and a few forward thinkers out there are challenging perceptions of what we can do with the Cannabis Sativa L plant. And that includes adding it to wine.

It’s important to clarify that nobody is going to get high drinking this stuff. It’s still illegal to mix alcohol with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol  the psychoactive active element in cannabis). But you can mix it with CBD (cannabidiol).

The latter, naturally found in hemp (a close relative to cannabis) is legally soluble in alcohol and delivers calm without a high.

And one enterprising company from Spain, Canna Wine, has done just that.

So how does it work, how should you drink it, and what does it taste like?

I caught up with winemaker Jeremy Sayols Alba and his UK importer, Robert Wattie from Fairview Wines, to find out a little about their Canna Wine project in Spain.

So how do you make it?

JSA: The process is what makes us unique. We soak the best parts of our Cannabis Sativa L plants directly into the wine and use the alcohol to extract the CBD. Wines are unfined and unfiltered so we don’t lose any cannabinoids, also making them vegan friendly.

Where does the wine come from?

JSA: We work with different winemakers from Catalonia. Garnacha Tinta and Carinena make up the red, with Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo for white. Both wines are fermented in cement tanks, the red spends a little time in oak.

What is your target market with Canna Wine?

RW: A glass of Canna Wine offers instant relaxation whilst consuming a relatively low amount of alcohol. CBD enthusiasts are keen to try the product, but this is potentially a great way to bring more consumers into the category by literally blending it with one of their favourite products.

How should we drink it?

RW: The wines are natural, it’s more evident from the white as its still cloudy. I enjoy the white as a long drink, add some ice, your favourite mixer and a sprig of rosemary!


So what do they taste like?

Canna Wine White

50% Garnacha Blanca 50% Macabeo, 50mg CBD rich hemp extract

A cloudy lemonade haziness to this wine. Fleshy grapefruit on the nose with a stemmy floral quality. Low acidity but not lacking freshness. There is a bite of texture and grip that complements a slightly earthy, bitter finish. Served chilled.

£13.50/50cl, Fairview Wines

Canna Wine Red

50% Garnacha 50% Cariñena, 50mg CBD rich hemp extract

The wine is off-dry; its 14.5% alcohol is well managed and that same, stemmy bitterness found in the white follows suit in the mouth. On the nose there's a cooked fruits note that lines up against a subtle peppery minerality. Tasted slightly chilled.

£13.50/50cl, Fairview Wines

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