Carlsberg Crafted range grows with new beers and ciders

Gaëlle Laforest

27 July 2016

Carlsberg has launched its 2016/2017 Crafted range – its portfolio of world, craft and speciality beers.

New additions to the range include 17 draught beers, 17 packaged beers, plus seasonal brews along with a new craft cider selection. Carlsberg said it wanted to focus on British craft brews, so Hiver Honey Beer, Chapel Down Curious Brew and Rooster’s Brewing Co Fort Smith are joining the line-up.

Others novelties include Hitachino Nest White Ale, Vedett White, along with Aussie brewer Little Creatures and Czech brewer The Seventh Step. Ciders joining the range include Hobo East Coast Cyder, Angry Orchard and Caple Road Cider Blend No.3.

The range is complemented by an updated Crafted Handbook, which contains category insights and recommendations from experts such as the Thinking Drinkers and Pete Brown, alongside with tasting notes and information on the drinks.

Paul Waller, director of third party brands at Carlsberg UK said: 'This year we have a balanced range from the USA and Europe and greater emphasis on the UK, recognising the quality of innovation from home-grown brands and products. Importantly, we monitor trends and put new beers and ciders through a rigorous taste test before adding them to the portfolio.

'The handbook is an accessible, entertaining and educational tool, suitable for publicans who want to venture into craft beer for the first time, as much as it is for aficionados looking for inspiration on the latest innovations from the category.'

Carlsberg UK, 0800 027 4144

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