Cask Matters offers beer knowledge boost ahead of GBBF

07 August 2015

In case you didn't already know, next week is a big week for beer, not least as a result of the Great British Beer Festival. With only a few days left to brush up on your beer knowledge, Cask Matters is promoting its e-learning programme, Cask Beer Uncovered.

Launched earlier this year, the programme is targeted specifically at those who work with cask beer. It consists of five modules, each accompanied by a multiple-choice test. A score of 75% and above gets you a printable, personalised Cask Beer Uncovered certificate.

The programme is entirely free, and can be accessed directly from the Cask Matters site.

'Cask Beer Uncovered is a great way of engaging team members with cask beer, telling them everything they need to know in bite-size modules that are fun to watch and can be fitted into their working day,' says Michael Lees-Jones, head brewer at J W Lees. 'We’ve had a good response from all the team members who have started the programme, and the licensees tell us they can see an immediate improvement in the customer's cask beer experience.  We're encouraging all our pubs and bars to sign up for the programme as soon as they can.'

Cask Matters' Paul Nunny added: 'We developed Cask Beer Uncovered to help operators meet their customers' rising expectations of cask beer. Drinkers are becoming more knowledgeable about beer, and they expect to be served a great pint every time they visit a pub or bar.

'Increasingly, they also expect the person behind the bar to know about the beers on offer – ingredients, flavour and what food to match with them.  Cask Beer Uncovered aims to equip bar staff with this knowledge and enthusiasm, so that they can interact confidently with drinkers, resulting in increased beer sales and improved customer service.'

The Great British Beer Festival opens with its trade day on 11 August, open to the public from 12 to 15 August.

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