Channel the 90s in the Funkin Innovation Champion 2019 competition



01 July 2019

Whether you’ve got a passion for the fruity, fun drinks of the 1990s or you’re simply out to show off your bartending skills, Funkin has just the challenge. The fruit purée and mixer brand has opened entries for its Innovation Champion 2019 competition.

To enter, Funkin has asked bartenders to craft a cocktail inspired by the 90s, the decade in which the company was founded. Want to riff on a Cosmo? Go for it. Keen on naming your drink after your favourite character in Boy Meets World? Here’s your chance. (The Topanga ‘Tini has a nice ring to it.)

Funkin has set out a few rules, however. Cocktail entries should be easily replicable, and must feature a minimum of 25ml FunkinPro Purée and one FunkinPro Cocktail Syrup. Craft your cocktail, then submit your recipe, along with a 200-word (or less) explanation of your inspiration and why your serve is sure to be a best-seller.

The top entries will be selected to compete in the final on 10 September. These finalists will also get to take part in a day-long creative session at Crucible in London, led by Crucible director Stu Bale and his team of cocktail innovators – if you attended the Funkin Innovation Lab earlier this year, you’ll remember just how inspiring a Crucible session can be! Once the creative juices are flowing, competitors will then face off in a series of challenges to crown the winner.

And the prize for all this hard work? The Funkin Innovation Champion 2019 will receive £1,000 cash, a one-year, part-time contract with the brand and an all-expenses-paid trip to Bar Convent Berlin.

Shaun Hall, Funkin Innovation Champion 2018, can vouch for the positive impact the comp has had on his career.

‘Winning the title of Funkin Innovation Champion 2018 has given me the opportunity to grow and develop as a bartender and make some great contacts in the industry,’ he said. ‘I’ve collaborated with the company, travelled and helped develop new ideas and serves. The final was a fantastic experience and I’d urge all bartenders to enter the competition.’

The deadline for entering this year’s comp is 31 July. Enter the competition here.

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