Chartreuse moves to Cask Liquid Marketing

Gaëlle Laforest

04 February 2016

Distribution for Chartreuse in the UK has moved to Cask Liquid Marketing.

'Cask are understandably excited at the prospect of becoming the UK importer for Chartreuse,' said director Stuart Ekins to Imbibe. 'It's the world's oldest liqueur brand, so comes with history, heritage, and responsibility. It already has amazing distribution in the UK, so our role is to increase awareness about how to drink it, and to look to bartenders to help us develop brand creativity with new serves and new occasions.'

Nick Caputo, who has been the UK brand ambassador for the French liqueur brand for about three years, told Imbibe that after spending nearly 25 years with wine merchant John E Fells and Sons, Chartreuse 'decided a new spirits-led distributor and developer would be appropriate to take Chartreuse further and help more people get to know what it is'.

He added: 'With a spirits-driven portfolio around Chartreuse and the team, experience and network available from CASK, we will have an easier way to regularly deliver support and knowledge to the on-trade around the UK (with a focus on London), so we can build upon what was done before – deliver more trainings and workshops and make people really passionate about Chartreuse.'

Caputo said the initial focus for 2016 will be on training, to teach bartenders more about the range, and show them using it in drinks doesn't have to be 'terrifying' – anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch with Cask directly.

Cask Liquid Marketing, 07970 515 584

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