Cloudbreak Spirits launches Aluna Coconut rum

27 April 2017

With summer approaching, we all need a bit more coconut rum in our lives, right?

Yes right, and Cloudbreak Spirits is here to answer your calls, announcing the launch of Aluna Coconut, a blend of premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with 'all-natural toasted coconut flavours'.

So what's different about this rum? They say it has been created for a generation of drinkers demanding higher quality ingredients, and also a lower sugar content. Coming in at 35% abv, Aluna Coconut is said to have a 'fraction of sugar' found in competitor brands, with a 'fresh and authentic coconut flavour'.

So here's the deal... the high altitude Guatemalan rum in Aluna Coconut is made with virgin sugar cane honey (miel de caña), and this makes a lighter and smoother rum with a natural subtle sweetness, removing the need for the large quantities of sugar.

A unique strain of yeast extracted from pineapple is also used to ferment the sugar cane honey, slowly releasing floral and fruit aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak. Caribbean rums add firmer, classic rum notes and a little heat.

The rum is described as having a light and floral nose, with subtle coconut and fresh banana notes, leading to toasted coconut, vanilla pod and cocoa on the palate. How to drink it? Signature serves include Aluna Colada, Aluna & Apple and Aluna Espresso Martini, as well as on its own over coconut water ice cubes.

35% abv, £28.50, Mangrove UK,  020 3409 6565

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