The Clumsies comes to London’s St Martins Lane Hotel

23 August 2018

The best of the Greek bar scene is coming to London, as the the team from acclaimed Athens bar The Clumsies heads over for a residency at St Martin's Hotel in September.

The residency at the hotel’s speakeasy Blind Spot, located behind a tea-counter façade, will span four days from 25 to 28 September. Exclusive to the popup is the Clumsy Martini, with Grey Goose, pickled rhubarb, manzanilla sherry and Otto’s Athens vermouth.

It’ll also be bringing a number of signature Clumsies serves, from the Hippocampus Summer Edition, with its Bacardi Heritage, kiwi, mango and sunscreen aroma, to the Clumsy Negroski, a mix of Grey Goose Le Poire, sweet vermouth, Campari, beeswax and pepper.

It’s drinks like that and the team's warm, welcoming approach to hospitality that have earned The Clumsies awards like Best International High-Volume Cocktail Bar at The Spirited Awards, and placed it as the highest non-London or New York venue in the World’s 50 Best Bars, at sixth place.

The team, headed up by Vassilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis, is anything but new to popups and takeovers, sometimes hitting 40 cities in a year

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