Coffee brand sets up fundraising initiative

Clinton Cawood

Clinton Cawood

06 November 2020

Solo Coffee has created The Tipping Point to benefit drinks industry charity, The Drinks Trust

Mindful of the implications of pitching a new product to the on-trade at the moment, Solo Coffee has come up with a way of giving back.

It has created a new fundraising initiative, The Tipping Point, which will benefit drinks industry community organisation The Drinks Trust. Solo will be donating 12.5% of profits from the sale of its forthcoming new product, Solo Coffee Concentrate. It’s also encouraging other businesses to do the same, with low/no alcohol beer brand Lucky Saint already on board.

‘Launching a product in a time where many establishments are fighting for survival, it feels somewhat inappropriate to be pitching a new product to them. So, though we’re small, we have decided to help where we can,’ said Solo Coffee brand manager Chris Eyitayo. ‘The “tip” has always been a gesture that shows our support to those serving us. So let’s come together and give a tip that the industry won’t forget.’

Solo’s new coffee concentrate, a cold brew made with nothing more than coffee and water, has been developed specifically with the on-trade in mind, with the goal of making Espresso Martinis easier to produce. It’ll be launched next week, on 12 November, with 12.5% of profits going to The Drinks Trust until the end of the year. Lucky Saint, meanwhile, will be donating 12.5% of profits from the sale of their 24 packs via their website until the end of 2020. Businesses can sign up to do the same, or make a pledge.

The Drinks Trust has already helped more than 5,000 people with financial grants this year, and also offers a range of wellness services to help with sleep, mindful drinking and more.

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