Cool Cocktails: Dukes Gin Martini, Dukes Hotel, London

Ben Reed

Ben Reed

31 August 2020

In the second of our new Cool Cocktails series, Ben Reed at Cocktail Credentials has hand-picked the classic from one of London's best bars

How does a cocktail stand the test of time? What can bartenders do to elevate the total drinking experience beyond the everyday, the predetermined specs and ingredients?

Ben Reed, Global Cocktail Ambassador at Cocktail Credentials gets the story behind the story with the latest in a new series featuring stand out drinks from around the world.

Cool Cocktail: Dukes Gin Martini, by Alessandro Palazzi

Forget the background stories for a minute, the history, the alumni of great bartenders, the patrons, the literary and cinematic affiliations and concentrate on the ritual of the Martini at Dukes Bar. Consider how this epitomises a drink being more than a sum of its liquid parts...

The arrival of the trolley at your table, the Italian accent, the chilled glasses, the swirling and discarding of the vermouth onto the oft-washed carpet, the pouring of viscous frozen gin direct from bottle into glass, the ergonomic elegance of the zest applied, the five, count-em, measures – no dilution, and the two-drink limit (you’ll never stop at one or make it past three – think Dorothy Parker poem).


Cool Cocktails™ : /Ku:l/ more than just the sum of its liquid parts ref: aura⠀

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