Cool Cocktails: One Sip Martini, Tayēr + Elementary, London

Ben Reed

Ben Reed

01 December 2020

Ben Reed, global cocktail ambassador at Cocktail Credentials, gets the story behind the story of standout drinks from the most creative menus around the world

This Cool Cocktail, served ‘up’ alongside the final Imbibe newsletter, features the multitasking Martini at Tayēr + Elementary that has morphed it into a one-sip offering to toast each new round of drinks.

On behalf of our industry, we at CC raise one for all at Imbibe to both commemorate what they’ve achieved over the years and celebrate whatever adventures may lie ahead.  

Best of luck guys and thanks for everything.

Cool Cocktails: One Sip Martini, Tayer + Elementary, London

Ritualising the world’s most iconic cocktail.

They say necessity is the mother of invention.⠀

What to do when the blue cheese filling in your favourite Martini olive begins to seep and contaminate the drink?⠀

You turn what would traditionally be a 5oz cocktail into a single mouthful. Move it from a Martini glass into perfectly frozen shot glass. And, inadvertent or otherwise, further ritualise that which (the same?) 'they' say couldn’t be further ritualised.⠀

The One Sip Martini began its existence as an aperitif-y welcome drink, but has since evolved amongst the loyal of Tayēr + Elementary, somewhat perilously, into a boilermaker-style accompaniment shot to toast the arrival of each new round of drinks.⠀

Cool Cocktails : /Ku:l/ more than just the sum of its liquid parts ref: aura

Cool Cocktails is our mission to celebrate the bars and bartenders that drive our industry forward through the standout drinks from the world’s most creative cocktail menus. Now more than ever is the time to get behind our community, to promote the pioneers and boundary breakers and herald our hospitality heroes. For weekly Cool Cocktails, follow on Instagram here.

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