Cool Cocktails: The Peranakan, Native, Singapore

Ben Reed

Ben Reed

27 July 2020

Starting this month, as part of a new series, we’ll be featuring Cool Cocktails from around the world, hand-picked by Ben Reed at Cocktail Credentials

Why are some cocktails so enduringly alluring? What makes the world’s best drinks so much more than just the sum of their liquid parts? This is Cool Cocktails.

Cool Cocktail: The Peranakan, by Vijay Mudaliar 

Prominent amongst the many commendable qualities of Native, Singapore, is the consideration applied to everything, from the building it’s housed in to its logo. The use of local ingredients is well-documented, though this bar is the only I’ve heard of that goes all in and actually uses local spirits instead of ‘luxury’ foreign imports.

Native is a celebration of all things Singaporean: the convergence of cultures that this entails, combined with the country’s values of tradition and modernity is reflected in the cocktails, incorporating a fusion of ingredients that could perhaps have been used by any of the bartenders' ancestors with cutting edge and traditional preparation techniques.

The Peranakan is a case in point: the name refers to a contingent of Chinese diaspora (who made Singapore their home many centuries ago) and loosely translated means ‘local but not indigenous’. As I say, everything is considered here.

Cool Cocktails™ : /Ku:l/ more than just the sum of its liquid parts ref: aura⠀

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