Coravin launches new Model Two

Gaëlle Laforest

08 February 2016

Coravin has launched its Model Two, and updated version of its highly popular device that allows wine to be poured out of a bottle without pulling the cork.

The main improvements of Model Two on Model Eight (we don't follow the maths either) are a needle with thinner walls, allowing wine to be poured 20% faster than before, and improved sealing technology to ensure the argon gas that keeps the wine fresh doesn't leak out at the capsule when setting it up.

The clamp that serves to hold the device has also been improved with textured grips to make the handling of Coravin more secure, and the design was refreshed too.

Conveniently, the new needle can be bought on its own to be used on the original Model Eight for only £23.95. The whole thing will set you back £279, and includes a storage base and a needle-cleaning tool, along with two argon capsules.

Frederic Levy, president and CEO of Coravin, said: 'Our research during the production stages of Model Two has taught us a lot about how people are using Coravin to drink, taste and enjoy wine. From wine aficionados using it to savour their favourite wines at home, to sommeliers being able to offer a huge range of wines by the glass, the Model Two will make the experience of accessing and preserving wine easier than ever.'

Coravin, 020 36089 115

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