Customers need more guidance on wine, says Crown Cellars

Gaëlle Laforest

20 June 2016

Crown Cellars has launched its first wine report, which reveals that pubs should do more to engage with customers and help them navigate wine lists.

The report establishes that UK customers are clearly defined into two groups - millennials and over-30s - both of which would like more guidance to feel 'inspired and enthused' to try new wines.

However, how that would work differs between the groups. Millenials rely heavily on visual displays – especially promotional ones – and need clear, simple information on what a wine tastes like and how to drink it. Over-30s, meanwhile, are comfortable with their knowledge, look for food and wine recommendations and, in spite of being more sensitive to price, tend to trade up if encouraged to do so through recommendations or tasters.

Other findings showed that the trade has a better perception of its offerings than customers do. The trade's view of its range of styles, grapes and countries, serving temperature, by-the-glass offering and service quality was found to be 20% to 30% more positive than the customers' view.

The report also shows that the UK wine market is doing well, with value growing 4.6% year on year to November 2015. Women make up over 65% of drinkers in the on-trade, while France remains the most popular country of choice in value – but volumes are declining. Merlot, Shiraz and Cab Sauv take top red spots, while Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc make up the white podium.

The report looked at 1,000 wine consumers and 500 on-trade outlets across the UK, with data collected in September 2015.

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