Danish distillery Isfjord targets UK with pair of whiskies and aquavit

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

14 June 2017

Greenland is 10 times the size of the UK but its population would comfortably fit inside Wembley, because the vast majority of the country is covered in ice.

It is therefore pretty safe to say that pollution is about as low as it gets and the water is exceptionally pure.

Entrepreneurs from Denmark, which owns Greenland and turned down a £100 million bid from the USA to buy it after World War II (it sounds like the football transfer window but we are serious), are now tapping into this pure water source to create a spirits range.

Danish distillery Isfjord is targeting the UK trade with a pair of whiskies and an aquavit made from the clean Arctic iceberg water of Greenland.

Isfjord uses water farmed from the Ilulissat ice fjord in western Greenland that has been sealed from pollutants of the outside world for 180,000 years.

The water is soft and crisp, providing what Isfjord describes as 'unrivalled purity', and this is the key ingredient to Isfjord’s whiskies and aquavit.

One 42% abv single malt whisky is non-peated and matured in Oloroso sherry casks and the other is lighted peated and matured in in former bourbon casks and finished in new American oak casks.

The aquavit is 38% abv and the drinks are selling on Master of Malt for £72 for a 50cl bottle.

'This is the first time UK drinkers will have been able to taste whiskies and aquavit made from such pure water and they are going to really notice the difference,' said Morten Kelsen, founder of Isfjord.

Jonathan Braham-Everett of JBE Imports, the exclusive UK importer of Isfjord’s spirit range, added: 'As UK drinkers become even more experimental and savvy over the spirits they choose, being able to access whiskies made from such pure water is a really unique experience. The Great British public loves Scandinavian products at the moment and few thing are as uniquely Nordic as the taste of aquavit.'

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