Deano Moncrieffe launches initiative to eradicate racism in hospitality

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

01 July 2020

Equal Measures will be an independent platform for industry professionals to share ideas and practises they've established to educate staff and consumers in diversity 

Talking to Imbibe as part of Imbibe Live Online, Deano Moncrieffe (owner of agave specialist bar, Hacha, and ex-Diageo brand ambassador) explained how the new project will work; how brands, hospitality workers and other industry bodies can be involved; and his hopes for the future. The project will be completely independent.

'We are in a very poor place,' explained Moncrieffe of the industry. He explained how he has experienced racism during his career – both explicit and casual – and which, on a larger scale, he says is usually ignored or brushed under the carpet. 'We [the industry] are not in a good situation when it comes to celebrating cultural diversity and the lives of people of colour. I think that we are hugely underrepresented.' 

Moncrieffe laid out a timeframe for the development of Equal Measures, as follows:

Phase 1, August to end of September: Focus groups and discussions will take place with anyone who is serious about equality. This can include media titles, influencers, drinks companies, bartenders and brand ambassadors. This will shape a lot of what happens in Phase 3.

Phase 2, October: To coincide with Black History Month in the UK, Moncrieffe will be asking people to make a commitment to educate their staff and consumers in their venue around a person of colour who has influenced society in a really positive way and celebrate them. 

Phase 3, early 2021: Community outreach and education. Moncrieffe will be calling on brand ambassadors to get out there and educate people in the right areas, from recruitment to events.

During the session, Moncrieffe also touched on the lack of operators and brand ambassadors who are people of colour in the industry, as well as asking whether brands really do enough when it comes to diversity. He hopes that Equal Measures will be a 'collective effort' by people who have a willingness to learn and educate their staff on ethnic diversity.

'The heart of everything I'm doing is to try to help people understand why diversity is important and understand why under-representation of people of colour in the industry isn't a good thing and why it isn't progressive and understanding what we can all do to make a difference.'

If you'd like to be involved, you can get in touch with Moncrieffe via his social channels.

Watch the full interview here.

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