Diageo launches Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin

08 September 2017

How do you stay ahead in the ludicrously crowded gin market? Create a pink gin, of course. Diageo has done just that with the launch of its Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin to appeal to a 'new, younger, adult audience'.

Combining raspberries, strawberries and redcurrant, the new Gordon's variant only uses natural flavours.

'With the launch of Gordon’s Premium Pink, we’re entering a vibrant sub-sector,' Annalisa Tedeschi, head of Gordon’s Europe at Diageo: 'Pink Gin already accounts for 6% of total gin volume and provides a real opportunity to grow the category.

'With this proven popularity, the strength of the well-established Gordon’s brand name and a delicious, refreshing taste, we’re confident that Gordon’s Premium Pink will prove successful with consumers and help to catapult pink gin into the mainstream.'

If you're looking for serving suggestions, then look no further as the Diageo team has kindly sent some (see below).

37.5% abv, Diageo, 020 7479 0910

Gordon’s P&T (Gordon’s Premium Pink & Tonic)

Glass: Large wine
Garnish: Strawberries
Method: Fill glass with ice and build

50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink
150ml tonic water

Gordon’s Premium Pink Spritz

Glass: Large wine
Garnish: Strawberries
Method: Fill the glass with ice and build

50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink
50ml lemonade
25ml prosecco


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