Dingle distillery release single malt whiskey

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

10 March 2017

It's been over four years since Dingle distillery had its stills installed on the west coast of Ireland, and following an initial single cask launch in December, the company has finally unveiled its first larger whiskey release.

The Dingle Single Malt Whiskey is triple distilled and has been matured solely in ex-bourbon casks, as 'it gives the clearest indication of the whiskey spirit itself', according to Dingle distiller Michael Walsh. 'We've got quite short, squat stills. Tall stills results in lighter spirit, which is grand if you've got lots of time to mature liquid. We don't have time on our side though.'

The resulting liquid is generous, sweet and rich, with a clean, fresh nose full of orange oils, dark chocolate and cereal, with some honeysuckle and a touch of salt lingering on the edges. The flavour is malty and rich, with sweet caramel, dark chocolate and espresso with a rounded maturity that belies its relatively youthful age.

'What we want to produce is a very engaging category, not just this idea of triple distilling for smoothness, so that you can forget that you're drinking Irish whiskey,' Walsh explained.

We'll be seeing limited releases of Dingle's whiskeys over the next few years, as a lot of its initial stock is tied up in single-cask investor schemes. This release is available in two strengths, with 7,000 bottles available at 46.5% abv, and 500 at cask strength (60.8% abv).

Business development director Elliot Hughes revealed that the company doesn't want to release products that will be permanently available, but rather individual releases with different age statements or cask finishes. The distillery has embarked on a wide-ranging cask intvestment programme that not only includes sherry, madeira and rum casks, but red wine and champagne casks too.

This year's Dingle releases will be available exclusively in the on-trade at The Bloomsbury Club Bar.



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