Distilled mixer range launched by London Essence Company

27 November 2016

Make some room behind your bar for some new mixers - there's a revolution happening in the tonic category. The latest is from London Essence Company, with three different tonic flavours, and a ginger ale too.

This latest development in tonic makes use of distilled elements, as well as alternative sweetening agents. With only a small amount of sugar, and some stevia too, these tick the low-cal box, while presenting an up-market alternative to standard tonics on the market.

The London Essence range consists of three tonics - Classic London, Grapefruit and Rosemary, and Bitter Orange and Elderflower. Each have distilled components, with rosemary, fennel and anise used in a swan neck copper distillation. They're light and complex, with good bitterness in the classic tonic and grapefruit examples, and some subtle sweetness in the Bitter Orange and Elderflower. There's an opportunity here to revisit that over-stocked gin shelf and create some new G&Ts. The classic is ideal for traditional-style London Dry, bringing its own juniper character to the table, while the other two in the range might suit modern-style gins. The ginger ale, meanwhile, is subtle enough to allow a spirit to shine through, rather than stealing the show.

WiseHead Productions is behind the range, which is in turn backed by Britvic. Co-founder Ounal Bailey commented: 'We set out to exceed expectations within the premium mixer category and have created uniquely modern mixers. We understand that premium spirits offer beautiful and complex flavour profiles and, by working with industry experts, our mixers perform exceptionally to enhance them.'

Bailey worked with Nick Strangeway, who added: 'As a veteran of almost thirty years in the bar business and latterly - indeed perhaps more importantly - as a spirits producer myself, I have often bemoaned the lack of mixers that allow the true flavour of spirits to show. Thank goodness for The London Essence Company, at last we have a range of elegant and exquisitely balanced mixers to work with.'

The range launches tomorrow night at The Connaught in London, and is available through Matthew Clark, Venus and more.

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