Drinkaware hits Freshers' Week with new campaign

23 August 2017

We love Drinkaware, the body that keeps our customers (and us) in tow. And now it's turning its attention to this year's freshers, expanding its Drinkaware Crew scheme to another three cities.

Now launching in venues around Derby, Coventry and Leicester, the alcohol education charity will aim to help keep young people safe during nights out, working with local bars, pubs and clubs to offer much-needed support.

The campaign is now running in 14 cities around the UK, with new venues in Nottingham including Student Union bars and other venues.

The venue's staff teams will all receive specialist training in how to support young people who may feel vulnerable as a result of drinking to excess. They will mingle in pairs around the venue, wearing branded Drinkaware Crew get-up for easy identification, and offer assistance where needed. This can range from helping vulnerable people get a taxi home, to reuniting them with their friends, to handing out water bottles, all while promoting a positive atmosphere.

Drinkaware Crew delivers clear benefits to customers, to other team members, and to the business overall

Rommel Moseley

Venues already in the scheme have reported many positive effects, especially on their bar teams, with crews now able to improve the safety and well being of customers and strengthen and build relationships with the local community.

'We are pleased to be taking Drinkaware Crew into three new cities ahead of Freshers’ Week,' said Rommel Moseley, Drinkaware director of business development and partnerships.

'Drinkaware Crew delivers clear benefits to customers, to other team members, and to the business overall.  Venues that operate Drinkaware Crew are demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility and to ensuring a safe environment for their customers.

'We look forward to launching Drinkaware Crew in many more pubs, clubs and bars across the country.'

At The Garage in Glasgow, which has been operating Drinkaware Crew since October last year, deputy GM Iain Alexander said: 'We have a big security team here and they’re great, but on a busy night they have to deal with other things so the Drinkaware Crew has taken the stress off them and other staff. We’ve seen countless benefits from having them – they’re here to stay.'

Drinkaware also operated an Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness e-learning course to support smaller venues, allowing front of house staff to gain the skills and knowledge to identify alcohol-related vulnerability.

Interested in the operation? Get in touch with the Drinkaware Crew here.


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