New distributor Drinkscraft introduces top Mexican craft beers to UK on-trade

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

20 December 2018

Drinkscraft, set up by Hawkes' former head of sales David Bridge-Collyns, has announced that top Mexican craft beer labels Propoganda and Loba are the first additions to its portfolio.

Bridge-Collyns launched Drinkscraft last September after repeated trips to Mexico where he  discovered the burgeoning local craft beer scene.  ‘As the world’s biggest exporter of beer, they know how to make good beer,’ Bridge-Collyns told Imbibe

Propaganda Brewing was founded in 2011 in Monterrey, not far from the Texan border, and its beer lineup is strongly influenced by north American hoppy styles. The Pale Ale (5.9%) is a classic dry hopped ale, led by a refreshing and clean citrus character, with malted undertones to bring balance. Its 750 IPA (6.7%) is instead a step up in both flavour and body, packed with caramel and tropical fruit notes.

Cerveza Loba is located in Guadalajara, central Mexico. Although its range of beers shows an evident American influence, the brewery is further inspired by central-European styles, such as gose and altbier.

The Blanca (4.8%) is modelled after a classic Belgian witbier, and the use of unmalted wheat, coriander and orange peel in the recipe gives the beer its characteristic haziness and citric, spicy nose. The Alfa (4.4%) is made in the India pale lager style, combining the grainy, malty palate of a lager with the spicy, herbal and tropical fruit nose of an IPA.

The range available to the UK on-trade also features a quaffable porter (Negra, 5.5%), which shows a good balance between roasted and hop bitterness, and comforting chocolate and coffee aromas; and a 'pre-prohibition-style' amber lager that's sessionable, uncomplicated, and characterised by the use of some corn in the recipe.

Drinkscraft is currently only listing well-known or easily-approachable styles, but Bridge-Collyns assured Imbibe that next year he plans to bring in some more adventurous styles, such as gose and sour beers made with Mexican fruits.

Propaganda and Loba beers are available from Drinkscraft, 07813 077917, for £1.48-£1.66/355ml bottle.

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