Durello is the new prosecco, says Boutinot

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

05 July 2017

Boutinot claims to have discovered the next prosecco… a, er, sparkling wine from the Veneto.

Durello, made from the grape of the same name, has been repackaged and revamped and has gone from a standing start to 2,000 cases in the last year.

The wine is a single varietal, made (like prosecco) using the tank method and is described by the company as a fairly typical Italian sparkler… just one that didn’t hit the heights of its more famous peer.

‘It’s perfect for good gastropubs where prosecco is starting to get to the £30 price point,’ said Boutinot’s Kevin Pollard. 'People are sometimes slightly worried because it’s not prosecco, but once they taste it it works really well on the list.’

The wine is £6.90 ex VAT and is crisp and dry with good bubbles.

‘It holds its fizz better than prosecco,’ said Pollard. ‘So for summer drinks and summer cocktails it’s a no-brainer.’


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