Edinburgh Beer Factory releases new Eduardo Paolozzi-inspired beers

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

29 November 2018

To celebrate its third birthday, Edinburgh Beer Factory (EBF) has added two new beers to its range inspired by the works of Scottish pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi.

The new duo consists of an IPA and a sessionable pale ale. ‘Each of the new beers is a work of art inside the bottle and out,’ commented EBF head brewer Martin Borland. ‘They’ve come a long way in development, and now strike the right balance between distinctiveness and accessibility. Like Eduardo Paolozzi, they combine style with substance.’

The Untitled IPA is (5.5% abv) shows notes of mandarin and blackcurrant, with additional grassy and peppery aromas from the use of new hop strains from Germany and Slovenia. Its label and its name are both inspired by an untitled proof by Paolozzi.

Zeep Mediterranean Pale (3.5% abv) is characterised by citric flavours of lemon peel and resiny notes of rosemary. It’s named after Paolozzi’s Zero Energy Experimental Pile, or Zeep for short.

The two beers join the initial Paolozzi-inspired lineup consisting of Futurism Modern Brown, a 6%-abv American brown ale made with Centennial and Chinook hops; Moonstrips Smoky Wheat (5% abv), which is a peated Bavarian-style hefeweizen; and Soho Jazz Cherry Saison (6.5% abv), a Belgian-style farmhouse ale flavoured with sweet and sour cherries.

All beers are available to the on-trade through Nectar Imports.

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