Firebox adds Mermaid Tears vodka to mythical portfolio

21 November 2017

Meet the latest creature Firebox has been harvesting tears from.…Mermaids.

Mermaid Tears Vodka is the latest release in a mythical menagerie that includes glittery Unicorn Tears gin liqueur and pearlescent Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum.

Made with premium French grain vodka, and blended with, um, the tears of line-caught mermaids (all very ethical, of course), the vodka is ocean-blue in colour and boasts a lovely swirling shimmery haze.

Coming in at 40% abv, these Mermaid Tears are perfect for splashing in cocktails, serving as a shimmery shot, or on the rocks.

At £39.99/50cl it's not a cheap investment, but Christmas is around the corner, and that means a demand for all things sparkly, so we're sure if you display it well enough, it will fly off the backbar.

Beware, it comes with a caution: drinkers may believe they have tails instead of legs...

40% abv, £39.99/50cl,


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