Flavoured e-cigarettes London Fox launch

Gaëlle Laforest

02 June 2016

London Fox is a new brand of e-cigarettes whose flavours echo the world of cocktails. Designed to be close to traditional cigarettes in weight and feel, they’re very different when it comes to the smoking experience.

London Fox has been working with Milk & Honey’s Chris Tanner and Portside Parlour’s Robbie Acres to create their ‘cocktails you can smoke’.

Founder David Parr told Imbibe they produced the complex flavours using ‘botanical keys’ in the same way they would approach cocktail flavours to create gastronomic tastes – and suggested pairing the e-cigarettes with cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

Flavours include Refresh, a blend of peppermint, star anise and rose water that London Fox matches with a French 75, and Silver, a more classic tobacco flavour, to pair with craft beer or a chilled white wine. Three more botanical-led flavours created by Tanner are due to launch soon, called Boost, Lift and Chill; as well as an e-cig to pair with whisky created with the team from The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green.

The cigarette uses a nano-battery that heats up glycerol and flavours to produce a vapour, and naturally there’s nicotine in there as well. While the cigarettes are disposable, London Fox offers a loyalty scheme for customers who return used sticks to them. Plus, one e-cig lasts about as long as 20 classic cigarettes, which saves quite a few pennies...

From £2.50/single e-cigarette (£5 RRP), London Fox, info@londonfox.co.uk

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